The 20th Event of the Vienna Evaluation Network took place on Thursday, 18 November 2021, 4-5.30pm CET

Topic: Evaluation of the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe: Using a Qualitative Comparative Analysis in a theory based contribution analysis evaluation
by guest speaker Serani Siegel

View or download the slides (PDF) here
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Serani writes about the event:

Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA): What is it, how did we use it, and what did we learn from it?

We used this method to analyse qualitative information in a rigorous and transparent way. The focus of this analysis was how certain key factors have led to a specific outcome for a sampled number of cases/countries.

This QCA followed a light version of the method by collecting in desk research the exact same information for each country selected to be in the sample for 5 pre-selected key factors and then translating this qualitative information into numbers (0-no,1-yes). Then this information was turned into an easy-to-understand graphical picture and it was analysed to what extent these factors are necessary and/or sufficient for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

I will present how we have used it, what they have learned from it & discuss its benefits and its challenges.

Serani Siegel has worked for more than 18 years on development topics and evaluation, and her thematic expertise covers rule of law, democratization and human rights. Gender equality and the fight against violence against women has always been one of her core interests. Since 2016 she has worked as a Project Manager for the OSCE Gender Section, and from 2009-2016 Serani worked as the Senior Evaluator for the OSCE Office for Internal Oversight. Before joining the OSCE, she was a consultant for the European Commission’s Europe Aid Evaluation Unit, the Council of Europe, as well as several NGO’s to develop and implement evaluations across a number of sectors and topics. Currently, Serani is an independent expert, working as a senior expert for the CoE Evaluation of the Istanbul Convention, contracted by Camille Massey Unlimited.