VEN is

a local forum for exchanging evaluation-related knowledge and experience. Founded in 2017 as an informal network, the VEN is open to evaluation practitioners, commissioners of evaluations, researchers, trainers and other interested public from diverse backgrounds, interested in exploring evaluation topics.

VEN aims

to foster a local evaluation community learning from each other’s knowledge and experience, and

to promote evaluation as a profession in society supporting informed decision-making.

VEN organises

four to six meetings a year with a presentation by a guest speaker on an evaluation-related topic followed by discussion.

Due to the current health situation all events take place ONLINE.

VEN invites anyone interested in presenting about evaluation approaches, methodologies or practices.

VEN’s Philosophy

VEN understands evaluation in an inclusive, diverse sense. Evaluation encompasses process, performance and impact evaluation, formative and summative evaluation, evaluation as accountability and as learning, using qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.  Evaluation works in a cross-sector and interdisciplinary setting including social welfare, international development, health and care, employment, education, etc.

VEN founders and co-chairs

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