Glenn O’Neil

The 3nd Event of the Vienna Evaluation Network took place on May 9, 2018 at 3-4.30pm

TOPIC: Evaluating Advocacy and Communication: Challenges and Solutions by Glenn O’Neil

Increasingly organisations are using advocacy and communications to bring about change in a wide variety of areas, from health to development to the environment. However, advocacy and communications face specific challenges in being able to evaluate their contribution to any progress seen.  Glenn O’Neil will present an overview of the challenges faced and the possible solutions that exist to evaluate advocacy and communications projects, programmes and campaigns.

View or download the slides (PDF): Glenn_ONeil_VEN_Slides


Glenn O’Neil is founder of evaluation consultancy Owl RE, based in Geneva, Switzerland and has a broad range of experience covering some 100 evaluations, research and communication projects for international organisations and NGOs, in over 50 countries. His specialisation is in emergency response, communications, advocacy and media for the humanitarian and development sectors. Glenn holds a PhD in evaluation methodology from the London School of Economics and a Master’s in communication management from the University of Lugano, Switzerland.


VEN events generally start with a presentation by the guest speaker. Thereafter, the participants have time to ask questions, discuss the topic, and exchange experiences, followed by informal networking and conversations.

WHEN: 9 May 2018, 3-4.30pm

WHERE: The venue is Berggasse 17, the third-floor conference room of the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research. Please cross the courtyard to find the entrance left in front of you.

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